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By Robin Crumby
Book One in The Hurst Chronicles

The survivors of the Millennial Virus face a much greater danger: each other.

Civilization has collapsed following the outbreak of the Millennial Virus, a flu-like sickness that devastated the world’s population. Those that survive scrape a living in remote outposts, hiding behind high walls, far away from the smoking ruins of the cities.

At the end of the world, surrounded by the tidal waters of the Solent, Hurst Castle stands alone. Its seventy-four occupants united in a struggle for survival against all the odds. The pandemic virus is the least of their concerns.

When the arrival of a relief effort threatens to tip the balance of power, the survivors are faced with a desperate choice: set aside their differences and join an alliance that promises new hope or unite against the newcomers and their plans for reconstruction.

The battle for Hurst has begun.

Book review: Shetland by Jack Spain

  Book review – Shetland by Jack Spain My rating: An enjoyable 3.5 stars out of 5 “Once upon a time in plague-infested Britain…” The first sentence says it all. It’s a story seen through the eyes of Karen, a…

Robin Crumby @HurstChronicles - 12 months ago

Free Amazon Kindle Download weekend generated a whopping 1289 new downloads of book one of The Hurst Chronicles. Better get on with book two

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Author interview with Ellen Appelgren

Which movie stars would play your lead characters? What music inspires you to write? These were just some of the great questions asked by the amazing Ellen Appelgren at It’s Write Now, who does so much to promote indie authors…

Robin Crumby @RobinCrumby - 12 months ago

Big thanks to @itsWriteNow100 @BookllyStories @fredalicious @Ash_Tales @maryanneyarde for getting the word out for free download on Kindle