Sentinel review by Mary Anne Yarde

SENTINEL cover Kindle lite

Big thank you to fellow author Mary Anne Yarde for taking the time to read and review Sentinel.


What did I think of book two in The Hurst Chronicles series?

The Millennial Virus has devastated the world. Governments have fallen, and those who have survived find themselves in an uncertain world, where criminals become leaders and only the strong survive.

The Isle of Wight is virus free, and this has encouraged a tide of refugees who are desperate to reach a place of safety. But the authorities are at breaking point, for they have not the resources for such an influx of displaced people.

If only there was a vaccine. But in the search for one, questions are raised as to how the virus came about in the first place.

Robin Crumby has done it again. I was really looking forward to reading the second in the Hurst Chronicles series and book two did not disappoint. Crumby has created an apocalyptic world that was easy to visualise and incredibly believable. The attention to detail has to be commended. It is very clear that Mr Crumby has done his research and this makes for a realistic read. I also loved the fact that this series is set in the UK when usually such fiction is set in America, this makes for a refreshing change.

Sentinel: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (The Hurst Chronicles Book 2) is the type of book that draws you in. There is a compelling cast of characters in this book, and each has their role to play in this fast-paced and thrilling read. It was simply unputadownable.

Although this is book 2 in the series I felt that it would work well as a standalone, however, do yourself a favour and start with book 1.

If you are looking for your next post-apocalyptic thriller that does not involve zombies, then I Highly Recommend, The Hurst Chronicles.