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"An action-packed, disturbing and thought-provoking story of an all-too-possible dystopian future." The Book Reviewers 
Hurst - book one

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Where would you go to escape a deadly virus that’s infected billions?

When the Millennial Virus rampaged unchecked across the world, the pandemic swept away everything we held dear. Small groups took refuge where they could. There was no time to mourn. Survival was all that mattered. 

When a military-led relief operation threatens to tip the balance of power, Hurst’s stalwart leader, Jack, faces a desperate choice. He must decide whether to set aside their differences and join an alliance that promises new hope or unite against the newcomers and their plans for reconstruction. Zed and Jack must discover the truth about the Allies before it’s too late, but who can they trust? The battle for Hurst has begun. 

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“Simply unputdownable!
Highly recommended.” 

Mary’s Bookcase 
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"One of the most original and just flat out interesting and intelligently profound dystopian novels I’ve ever read."
Indie Book Reviewers
Sentinel - book two

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The truth about the outbreak had remained hidden until now. Could a clandestine government research project help explain the scale and speed of its spread? When the search for a vaccine leads Zed and the others to Porton Down, a classified government research facility beyond the New Forest, will an inactive biological weapons program speed up their understanding of the Millennial Virus?

Not everyone shares the Allies’ aspirations for reconstruction. Dark forces seek to prolong the lawlessness, pursuing their own ambitions. There’s a war coming that threatens to return the whole Solent region to chaos. Hurst Castle again finds itself in the path of the coming storm.

Wildfire - book three

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The military-led relief effort is evacuating UK survivors to a mass quarantine zone on the Isle of Wight. In the political and moral vacuum that follows, refugees trade their freedom for food and a fresh start.

Riley and the others from Hurst Castle have relocated to a hotel on the clifftops of Freshwater Bay. To keep her promise she must leave the relative safety of their new home in search of Zed's daughter on the other side of the island, witnessing first-hand the at-times brutal repression of the civilian population.


As more locals rally to the rebel cause, the prospect of civil war seems unavoidable.

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Harbinger - book four

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What would you do to protect those you love? Former defence analyst Zed Samuels must choose between family and duty, to face his fears and gamble everything on one last throw of the dice. 

What began with the death of a government scientist before the Iraq War has snowballed into a slow slide towards totalitarianism and the rise of shadow governments. In hindsight, the warning signs were so obvious, yet no one seemed to notice. Dark actors operating just out of sight. The consequences are all too terrible: a worldwide pandemic; nations overthrown; billions dead. 


In the aftermath of a devastating flu pandemic, the search for a viable vaccine is just the beginning, a stepping stone towards genetic revolution. A terrifying future that will change everything. All that remains is a race against time to save those we care about. Zed must discover the truth before it’s too late, but who can he trust?